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Special Occasions:  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirements, Pool Parties, BBQs.  Whenever people gather to celebrate is a great time to enjoy familiar melodies.  Songs from the Gentlemen of Fortune chorus or quartet will guarantee your guests an enjoyable time together.  We’re happy to discuss which might work better for your special setting.  

Singing Birthday Cards:  When a Barbershop Quartet sings “Happy Birthday” the birthday person is thrilled and the people at the party go wild!  What a memory!

Singing Valentines: An old fashioned Barbershop Quartet will surprise and delight your sweetie with a love song from you and a beautiful rose.  Workplace, office, home, school – we come to you. 

Singing Mothers Day Cards:  Thrill your mother with a serenade in close harmony!  The rest of the family will love seeing her response.  Include flowers, chocolates, event tickets or any gift from the sender(s). 

Singing Telegrams by a Barbershop Quartet: Whoever may be the recipient and whatever the message, you can be sure it’ll be delightfully received and long remembered!  A greeting in song is a great way to mark birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, etc.  We tailor message, time and place to suit you!

Banquets, Conventions, Hosting a party:  Treat your guests to a choral performance by the Gentlemen Of Fortune Chorus.  It’s the perfect highlight to your evening of enjoyment.

Retirement Facility Private Concerts:  A short early evening concert is a delightful way for your residents to unwind.  At their tables over dessert or a few minutes after dinner in your nearby lounge, your guests will be singing along, remembering the good old days and heading off to bed happy!

50-50 Concerts Does your church, synagogue, mosque, temple or community centre celebrate Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Hannuka, Diwali Kwanzaa or other happy gathering times?  Would you ever include entertainment for which you might charge admission?  Consider hosting the Gentlemen Of Fortune!  You supply the venue and the audience.  The Gentlemen Of Fortune bring the songs and good feelings.  We divide the proceeds.