Pacific Spirit Voices welcomes interested singers!  But is this style of singing right for you?  

If you love to sing, especially in harmony, the answer is "probably yes" but ask yourself these questions.  You don't have to tick all the boxes, but in general the more "yes" answers, the greater the chance singing a cappella will be a great fit for you and you'll be a great fit for Pacific Spirit Voices!  
  • Do you love singing?  We are good friends who love songs, singing, each other and our audiences.  
  • Do you love to harmonize?  You'll find we're kindred spirits.  
  • Do you sing with the radio or in the shower, stairwell, elevator  or hall?  Good. Singing comes naturally to you!
  • Did/does your family sing?  Skills and habits learned in childhood are lifelong "second nature."
  • Do familiar melodies repeat in your head? We call these "earworms." We all get them - join the club!
  • Did you sing in choirs at school, church, or other singing organizations?  Yes? Then you know what we mean!
  • Have you had some musical experience - lessons as a child, choirs, bands, orchestras, school music courses?  This is not a requirment but it's certainly helpful.
  • Can you match a tone easily and naturally?  This is the first step in learning any song, so it's pretty important!  It's possible to learn this here but it makes for slower progress.
  • Can you learn and sing a simple melody?  Like matching a tone, you CAN learn this here, but if you can already carry a tune you'll be having fun sooner.
  • Can you carry a part - melody or harmony - singing with others?  A cappella is in your genes!
Becoming a member is straightforward.

Attend 3-4 Consecutive Rehearsals.  Sing with us and get a good sense of the culture.  We're looking for singers who love performing and are passionate about honing their personal skills in this artform.  We'll make sure you're in your best vocal section,  Your riser buddy will help you get oriented and answer any questions.  The music team will always be eager to help. 

Pass a basic Vocal Audition - Sing a song in a quartet for the music team.  At first this may seem daunting but we've all stood in your shoes!  We'll provide learning materials and abundant guidance.  You'll become familiar with learning tracks - your part on the left channel, the others on the right.  Learn the song by ear with your part predominant, and progress to singing with the virtual quartet with your part subdued. Practice as much as you like with singers from the chorus, Receive helpful coaching.  Practice more at home.  The the music team isn't looking for perfection!  They listen for correct words and notes and reasonably good tuning - really, the potential that you can become a strong ensemble singer.  Above all, we hope you're  enjoying learning to sing with others and that your practice is being rewarded.     

Apply to join the chorus and the Barbershop Harmony Society and pay dues.  Speak to Bruce Williamson  (VP for Membership) in person, by phone  or email (details below).  Details are available but we all pay annual dues of just under $400 CD, about half of which can be paid monthly if desired.  Please let Bruce know if this is a challenge.  We want you on board and some assistance is availble.   (Our dues cover hall rental, director stipend, new music, uniforms, coaching, insurance.  The international society component funds education, the contest and judging program,  maintaining and curating a huge music library, outreach to other singing organizations, and our excellent magazine THE HARMONIZER.)

As you consider membership, understand what’s expected of all members: 
  • Arrive on time and well prepared (translation:  music learned on time) for all rehearsals and performances.   
  • Stay away if you’re sick, but continue learning while you’re away.
  • Let the music team know if you can’t make it for any reason, so they can adjust accordingly. 
  • Bring a positive attitude in rehearsals, communications and homework.  Eagerness to improve your skills and a clear sense you’re proud to become an essential member of our team!
  • Over time, clear evidence of mastering the repertoire and improvement of singing skills.
  • Contribution to chapter affairs (musical and non-musical) and in due share the administrative workload.  There are many tasks.  Not all are heavy!  Many hands make light work, and busy team members feel connected to their mates!
Join now:  Contact Bruce Williamson, or 604-649-6471 
More information:  Contact David Anderson, or 604-230-5695.  We LOVE to chat about singing!

Haven't visited yet? Please do - you'll be welcome!  See: visit us at a rehearsal.   

Covid protocols remain active, including confirmation of vaccination; information for contact tracing and reporting; masks optional, frequent hand washing/sanitizing; avoiding close contact/social distancing.