Visit a Rehearsal

Guests are always welcome!

7 pm Tuesdays
Grace Lutheran Church
7283 Nelson Ave,
Burnaby, BC.

(Parking on street or in the lot adjacent to the church)
See map below


Welcome:  A friendly singer will say hello and check your covid status (see below).  You'll get a name tag and a guest music book, and meet a member of our music team.  If you're just interested in watching and listening, that's all you need to do.  Follow the music as we rehearse.  Enjoy!
Voice Part Assignment: If you're here because you enjoy singing, a music team member will chat with you, figure out which voice part best suits your voice and introduce you to at least one other person in that section.  You'll meet our wonderful director Andry Layarda. 
Sing with us through our initial vocal warmup and exercises.  Most evenings we learn at least one short brand new piece of music and you'll be welcome to join us for that too. 
Work on repertoire with us!  Depending on your comfort level and sight reading proficiency, you'll be welcome to rehearse repertoire songs with us unless it's a final rehearsal before an upcoming show.  Some singers prefer to listen and watch the music at first and that's fine too.  We do use sheet music for rehearsal, but mostly we learn our songs by ear from professional recordings.  
Join us as we close the meeting with our theme song "Keep The Whole World Singing."  Barbershop chapters all over the world close most functions with this beloved song.  
Join us at a nearby establishment (if you wish) for fun, socializing and more singing .  We'll let you know where.  Usually about half the singers participate and you'll be welcome too.  

Public health announcement: Harmonizing is addictive!

Interested? Wonderful!  See Joining Pacific Spirit Voices

Current Covid guidelines require:
  • Confirmation of vaccination status
  • Masks optional 
  • Staying home if you don't feel well
  • Contact tracing information 
  • Frequent hand washing/sanitizing.
  • Social Distancing Advised

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